About Us


It was a coincidental coming across of this beautiful place, halfway around the Los Angeles, California trip that inspired the idea for The Purple Wings. Back in 2019 on this trip, our founder, Grover Anjali, saw an intriguing purple wall with impeccable yet understated style White Wings. It immediately caught her attention of how a simple purple wall turned a place for posing with wings and was being adored by millions of tourists at Universal Studios.

Inspired how beautiful is the idea of flying high, Anjali decided to create her own line of products giving wings to ideas and everyday fashion statement. Minimalistic and refined, all of our collections have become quite popular and become an inspiration to global influencers as well. 

Started from only phone accessories, now we have sunglasses, fashion jewellery, stick on nails, watches from Paris and much more.

All the love that we have been getting is just so worth the efforts our team puts into everyday. We are indebted to this kind of support from our audiences